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What are crowns, bridges and veneers?

They are prosthetic devices that are used to restore missing or damaged teeth. Crowns are fitted over a tooth to protect it from more damage, bridges help to close the gap between one or more teeth, and veneers are used for discoloured, misaligned or uneven teeth.

How do crowns work?

You may think of dental crowns as a protective cap for your tooth. They are generally used to protect a tooth after a root canal procedure, or to cover a dental implant.

There are two materials we recommend for crowns that can both be matched to the colour of your teeth:
• Porcelain
• Ceramic

Other stronger materials we recommend for the back teeth include:
• Gold
• Metal alloys

We can also combine porcelain crowns with a metal shell so that it’s strong and attractive.

How do bridges work?

Your dentist may recommend you a bridge if you’re missing one or more teeth to prevent your teeth from shifting around. The imbalance as a result of missing teeth can also lead to gum disease and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

How long do they last?

If maintained well, crowns, bridges and veneers can last for a long time. Remember to practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth and flossing regularly, and come for dental visits every six months. If possible, try not to drink stain-inducing foods like coffee, tea, and coloured drinks.

Will it hurt?

You may experience some teeth sensitivity a few days after the procedure, especially to hot and cold food and drinks.

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